Reasons Why Mobile Online Casinos Are Getting More and More Popular

Reasons Why Mobile Online Casinos Are Getting More and More Popular

For an industry like gambling, mobile online casinos have become all the rave as they brought the solutions many players sought so hard. It has not become a problem to find online casino for real money today. Brick-and-mortar casinos bring with them their benefits, but they cannot be said to be on the same level playing field as mobile casinos, particularly when it comes to convenience.

Essentially, mobile casinos have brought casino lovers a chance to have fun and play the games they enjoy all in the small of their smartphones. There are over a hundred mobile real money casinos in 2022. These mobile online casinos are getting even more popular with each passing day. In this article, we will tell you why that is.

Requirements for a Mobile Online Casino

If you are looking to purchase a new mobile device to suit your gambling needs, this will help you narrow down your choices and pick the very best.

  • System Requirements: Both IOS and android are very good options, and as regards online casinos, none is better than the other. If you go for an IOS device, it should be from IOS 10 or upwards. For Android devices, versions above 7.0 are preferred.
  • Display: The display is ideal when it comes to online casinos. The more pixel, the better the display. This means that you would see everything in greater detail.
  • RAM: The standard requirement for smooth-running gameplay for an online casino on a smartphone is 4GB. Anything higher would be even better.
  • Battery: Online casinos require a strong internet connection for smooth gameplay. This drains the battery. For this reason, it would be better to use phones that are over 3,000 mah.
  • Internet Speed: An internet connection of 512kb/s is required to run an online casino game. Slow internet would cause lagging issues and disrupt gameplay.

Mobile Websites vs Mobile Applications

The silent battle between mobile websites and applications for the running of online casinos has been on for a long time. In this section, we will explore their differences and highlight their perks.

A mobile app is a software application suited to work on mobile devices. Essentially, a casino mobile application is designed to run on iOS and Android systems. Mobile websites, however, are websites that can be accessed online through the use of a mobile web browser. A mobile online casino website is a website that allows users to register and play casino games on their site.

Mobile applications are selective. This can be easily seen in the fact that iOS applications cannot run on an android system, and in the same vein, android apps cannot run on an iOS system. This is a setback for mobile apps as developers would need to create different software systems, each suited to the iOS and Android systems. Mobile casino websites are better in this regard as both android and iOS users can access them easily and play the games available.

For online casinos, mobile apps load a lot quicker than mobile websites. The setback for the websites is mostly attributed to the traffic on them. Also, it is a lot faster to sign up with an online casino on a website than on an app simply because there is no need to download any application. Players just need to log onto the site and begin to play.

In terms of quality and gameplay, both mobile casino websites and mobile casino apps offer the best gameplay possible. The only exception here is that for some online casinos, the apps have a better and smooth-running interface.

Reasons of Popularity


At the time when casinos did not have an online presence, there was a huge gap in the market as people who were not able to make it to these locations were unable to enjoy the perks of casinos. Things are a lot different now. With the advent of mobile online casinos, users can play their most preferred casino games on the go. This has ensured that online casinos reached a larger market. It is openly accessible to people of legal age who want it.


The advantage of being able to play your favourite casino game while lying down, while waiting in a queue, during a bus ride, and even on the toilet seat cannot be taken for granted. The mobility of mobile online casino games is its biggest perk, as players can play when and where they want to.

Virtual Hands-On

The thing about using computers for casino games is that they feel a bit impersonal with the click of the mouse at each juncture, but with smartphones, users touch the screen to play the games, and it gives them a hands-on feeling, a virtual hands-on if you will. This makes gameplay interactive and fun for players.


With mobile online casinos, players do not need to download any additional software to begin to play, with the exception of the mobile application for the casino (if available). No plug-ins of any kind are required. Irrespective of whether users use iOS or Android systems, they can visit online casinos and play their favourite games with ease and without the need to install any extra software.

Can You Play Mobile Online Casinos for Free?

Mobile online casinos offer new users bonuses, including no deposit bonuses that allow users to play games without depositing a dime. These bonuses and welcome offers are used to draw customers in and get them to keep playing till they deposit funds. In a nutshell, yes, players can play without depositing funds, but in terms of withdrawal, most online casinos have rules that govern their withdrawal processes, and some require players to at least make a deposit before any withdrawal is made.

Some casinos might allow players to withdraw winnings made from their bonus offers without a deposit, but this is very rare. Our advice is for players to always read the terms and conditions of every casino before they sign up and begin to play.

Final Thoughts

Advancements in technology have made online casinos mobile. We had come far from the days when players had to head down to physical casinos or use (or borrow) a computer system to fulfil their gambling needs. Currently, all those needs can be easily met with the touch of a smartphone. All you need do is set up the casino of choice and begin to play whenever and wherever. No distractions, just you and your mobile device and the odds have never been this much in your favour.