Digital marketing ranks in the top 3 hottest skills Americans are learning in 2022

Digital marketing ranks in the top 3 hottest skills Americans are learning in 2022
Digital marketing ranks in the top 3 hottest skills Americans are learning in 2022

It’s no surprise that the last couple of years have been hard on workers around the world. In the US alone, the “quit rate” reached a 20-year high and came to be known as the Great Resignation

Earlier this year we reported another anomaly dubbed the “Great Reshuffle” that saw 618,000 marketers leave their jobs in 2021. A report from LinkedIn predicted that this trend would continue well into 2022 with 24% of marketers looking for a new job, and 62% changing jobs altogether. 

What does the data say. Preply viewed Google Trends data and analyzed 572 keywords representing interest in over 50 different skills relevant to American workers. They found that 35% of the interest was in digital marketing alone. 

LinkedIn noted that there was a 121% YoY increase in remote marketing job share. In the same report, LinkedIn also noted that some of the hottest jobs in demand this year are social media. The increase in digital marketing skills should come as no surprise. Workers are looking to go remote, as COVID protocols continue to change. Digital marketing jobs certainly offer the flexibility and location independence that many workers are searching for. 

Other areas of interest. While digital marketing came in at #2 with 35%, it trailed behind data science at 76%. Other areas of interest were data management (34%), and interpersonal and management (34%). 

Digital marketing hot spots. The report from Preply indicates that most of the interest in these skills comes from urban areas. However, online learning makes it possible for anyone with a solid internet connection to participate, no matter where they are. But the biggest increase in n digital marketing skills come from Arkansas (125%) and Chicago (32%). 

Why we care. Digital marketing isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Even developments in AI and automation aren’t slowing down the need for social media marketers, account managers, and SEO specialists, and more. Marketers had previously looked to relocate to big metropolitan areas such as NYC, LA, and San Francisco. Because of inflation and the increased cost of living, we could see that change soon. Learning additional digital marketing skills helps set up workers to be in demand for the jobs they want and the salaries they deserve.

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