5 PPC Certification Course Options For Digital Marketers

5 PPC Certification Course Options For Digital Marketers
5 PPC Certification Course Options For Digital Marketers

Whether you are an individual hoping to launch a career in digital marketing or a marketing team member looking for new ways to attract new customers to your business, you may want to consider earning PPC certifications.

Not only does this help you establish authority but what you learn will be invaluable no matter your industry.

Even if you don’t use PPC right away for your own ventures, your competitors likely do. So the more you know, the faster you can grow.

Read on to see how you can increase your knowledge and skill in online advertising through what we feel are the top five most valuable PPC certification programs available.

We’ll walk you through course overviews, what you’ll learn, the cost of the programs, and how to register.

1. Google Ads Certification

A Google Ads certification is one of the few standardized ways to prove a certain level of knowledge or topical relevance.

Course Overview

The certification proves that, as a marketer, you’ve gained enough knowledge or expertise to be recognized by Google as an expert in online advertising.

To become accredited, you’ll need to pass Ads certification exams after going through training content. Most marketing roles for agencies and corporations require Google Ads Certification as a minimum requirement for entry-level hires.

What You’ll Learn

Google’s training covers both basic educational information and extensive in-depth content.

The six Specific Google Ads certifications include:

  • Search.
  • Display.
  • Measurement.
  • Video.
  • Shopping ads.
  • Apps.
google ads certificationsImage from Google, March 2022

Search ads are the most common type of ads a company will run, so this certification is a great place to start for beginners.

Each certification training begins with the option of a quick knowledge assessment. Even if you feel skilled, don’t skip this part! Many of the questions in the training modules are the same as in the actual exam.

Also, note that if you fail to pass an exam, there is a waiting period before you can retry.

The Cost

All of the Google Ads courses and exams are completely free.

In the past, the courses cost money, so it’s a good idea to jump on this opportunity while it remains free.

The Registration Process

You’ll need to create an account in Google Skillshop using the appropriate account.

This may be the company you work for or a personal account that you’ll want your certification tied to publicly.

If you need or want to create a new account, visit your Google account.

Once you have set your account and have logged in under only that account, go to Skillshop and select the certification training you want to complete first by clicking the Get Started button!

2. Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional

Course Overview

The Microsoft Advertising Certification is for marketing or business professionals that wish to learn more about Microsoft Ads and Bing.

It is recommended that you download the study guide and review it to prepare for the exam at your own pace.

The exam is “open book,” so you can utilize the study guide while testing.

Additionally, you’ll have unlimited time to complete the exam, including the option to pause and resume when convenient for your schedule.

What You’ll Learn

The Microsoft Advertising Learning Lab offers 2-7 minute modules that cover various topics related to optimizing Microsoft Ad campaigns. The modules range from beginner to intermediate instruction.

As a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional, you’ll have the chance to build your resume, raise your corporate profile, and market your knowledge and digital advertising skills.

When you pass the exam, you’ll receive:

  • Use of the Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional badge.
  • Placement in the member directory.
  • An official printable pdf certificate to share on social media platforms.

If you receive a score of 80% or higher, you’ll become a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional for a full calendar year.

The Cost

The Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional courses and exams are completely free.

The Registration Process

You’ll need a Microsoft account to go through the training and take the exam.

If your company has a single Microsoft Advertising platform login, it is suggested that you link your own individual login.

You’ll find both the study guide and the exam at Microsoft’s Advertising Learning Lab.

3. Semrush PPC Fundamentals

Course Overview

The Semrush PPC Fundamentals course is designed for individuals who want to learn more about what it takes to become a pay-per-click specialist or to be able to launch and manage PPC campaigns on their own.

What You’ll Learn

The course teaches you how to create effective, successful, and profitable PPC campaigns, in turn helping you avoid losing money on Google Ads. You’ll learn all of the basics of PPC advertising.

The 5-hour long Semrush PPC Fundamentals course includes 36 video lessons crafted in cooperation with PPC expert Joel Bondorowsky, founder of PPC Designs.

Once you complete the courses (video lesson + further reading + quiz) and pass the exam, you’ll earn a personalized certificate.

The Cost

The Semrush PPC Fundamentals courses and exams are completely free.

The Registration Process

You do not need a specific account to enroll in Semrush Academy.

You can use any personal email to create an account. To enroll, visit here and click the Enroll for free button.

4. Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate

Course Overview

The Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate – previously Facebook – level exam covers the foundational advertising concepts on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

Individuals with the Meta Certification demonstrate advanced-level proficiency in various aspects of digital marketing specific to Meta products.

You’re the ideal candidate if you’re interested in entry-level marketing jobs.

What You’ll Learn

There are four resources to help prepare you for the certification exam:

  • Online courses. Organized by topic and weight to signify how much of the exam is focused on each subject. They are labeled beginner, intermediate, advanced, and indicate the length of the lesson (average 15 minutes).
  • Live training. The option to join a virtual and interactive training session with a Meta Certified Trainer.
  • Study guide. Takes you through the Meta ad planning skills needed for the exam.
  • Practice test. 30 questions.

The official course exam duration is 90 minutes.

Once you pass the exam, you’ll earn a personalized badge to promote your certified status digitally. Each badge image links to an explanation of what the badge represents and what the individual did to earn it.

If you fail the exam, you can re-take it after a five-day waiting period; however, you’ll need to pay the registration fee each time.

The Cost

There are two types of exams: professional and associate.

The professional Meta Certification exam costs up to $150, and the associate exam costs up to the equivalent of $99, though the actual cost may differ by country.

The Registration Process

You’ll need to have a Facebook account to register for the exam (and access any preparation materials).

If your company is part of a Managed Partner Agency, you’ll get the option to add your company email to your profile after you log in.

When you select Register, choose your preferred testing location (online or at a Pearson VUE Professional test center).

Select the Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate certification. At that time, you’ll be able to take any relevant practice tests to prepare for the exam.

Visit Facebook Meta Blueprint to register.

5. Amazon Ads Certifications

Course Overview

You can earn the Amazon Ads Certification by completing modules in the Amazon learning console.

The learning console and certification program is designed for all experience levels.

The overall goals of Amazon Advertising Certifications include validating your knowledge, highlighting your proficiency, and staying up to date with new technologies.

What You’ll Learn

The Amazon Advertising Accreditation course covers various topics – all of which will provide an individual with the skill set of identifying a seasoned advertising veteran versus a novice.

The six Specific topics within the learning console include:

  • Advertising Overview.
  • Campaign Creation.
  • Campaign Optimization.
  • Reporting.
  • Sponsored Brands.
  • Sponsored Products.
  • Stores.

The official course exam duration is 120 minutes.

If you receive a score of 80% or higher, you’ll earn a personalized certification badge for the specific topic to digitally promote your certified status.

The badge expires after one calendar year.

If you fail the exam, you can re-take it after a 24-hour waiting period. You’ll receive a detailed breakdown of areas of improvement.

The Cost

The Amazon Ads Certification courses and exams are completely free.

Where To Register

Register for a learning console account using the email and password to manage your Amazon Ads campaigns. If you or your company do not already have one of these accounts, you can create an account for free.

Visit Amazon Learning Console and click the Sign In button to begin.

For those just getting started, SEJ’s A Complete PPC Marketing Guide for Beginners is a great resource, as well – and it’s free.

More resources:

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