Best Labor Day laptop deals still available today

Best Labor Day laptop deals still available today
Best Labor Day laptop deals still available today

While Labor Day may be over, there are still quite a lot of great laptop deals to be had, especially if you feel you missed out on the holiday sales. Even better, there are a few new deals, such as a discount on Dell’s new XPS 13 laptop, a small but powerful device that’s great for both academic and business use. So, without taking up too much of your time, let’s take a look at all the great post-Labor Day deals you can still grab.

Lenovo Chromebook 3 — $89, was $139

We’re big fans of cheap Chromebook deals, especially if you’re constantly working on the go and the majority of your work is cloud-based. This Labor Day weekend, look no further than Lenovo’s Chromebook 3, which is as slim and sleek as it is quick and reliable. Weighing in at only 2.42 pounds and measuring only .67 inch thick, the Chromebook 3 was made to be your mobile workstation. It features an Intel Celeron processor as well as 4GB of memory, which is all you need for the basic multitasking to get your work done. It comes with 64GB of flash memory, so it boots quickly and supports HD video playback. It’s just enough space to store all of your essentials without the potential to become cluttered. The Lenovo Chromebook 3 runs on Chrome OS for maximum compatibility with all of your favorite Google applications, and it also has a built-in HD webcam and microphones so you can take all of your video meetings from anywhere with an internet connection. This is one of those Labor Day laptop deals that is just too good to pass up.

HP Chromebook 14 — $210, was $290

HP Chromebook 14b sits on a desk.

This Labor Day, we’ve got our eye on some of the best HP laptop deals, including the 14-inch HP Chromebook, which runs Chrome OS and is one of the most affordable options on our list. With a tried and true Intel Celeron processor and 4GB of memory, you can count on this laptop to get all of your work done if your job or school is cloud-based. The 32GB of storage ensures you have just enough space to save your works in progress, and the 250-nit display is perfectly suited to streaming on the go. It comes with a 720p HD camera with integrated dual-array digital microphones, so it’s perfect for taking all of your conference calls and staying in touch with all of your family and friends. Thanks to the Chrome OS, you will be able to launch all of your favorite Google Apps, including the Google Play Store. These Labor Day laptop sales won’t last, so if you’ve been considering a new Chromebook, there is no time like the present to click the button below.

HP Laptop 14 — $280, was $400

HP 14 laptop with intel Celeron on desk.

A step up from the HP Chromebook is this 14-inch HP Laptop, which comes with the powerful Intel Celeron N4500 processor and Intel UHD GPU in addition to 8GB of RAM. This machine has all of the portability and connectivity of the HP Chromebook, but expands upon the ability to multitask and get your work done faster. It comes with 128GB of solid-state storage, so it has enough space not only for your work but for all of your photos, music, and videos as well. Unlike other laptops we’ve seen at this price point, it comes in a variety of colors. Thanks to its fast-charging battery, you can get up to 50% charged in only 45 minutes, which will come in handy if you’re always on the go. With dual speakers and HP TrueVision HD Camera, you’re ready for all of your Skype and Zoom meetings, and you have the option to add Microsoft Office into your package with a little bit of a discount. This machine is Energy Star certified and EPEAT Silver registered, so not only is it good for your wallet but it’s better for the planet, too.

Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop — $379, was $599
New 2020 Dell Inspiron 15 1500 Laptop

There are a lot of great Dell laptop deals that came out of Labor Day, and this one in the Dell Inspiron 15 is probably one of the better ones if you’re looking for a nice budget laptop. It clocks in with a 10th-gen Intel i5-1035G1, a mid-tier CPU that can handle most tasks, as well as power the excellent 15.6-inch, 1366 x 768 resolution screen, so you aren’t going to constantly feel like the laptop is struggling. The 8GB of RAM also helps there, although the 256GB of SSD storage space may have you reaching over for an external hard drive deal to help supplement internal storage since there’s no upgrade option.

HP Pavilion x360 Convertible — $530, was $790

For those who want to take their laptop purchase to the next level while remaining in the HP laptop family, one of the best Labor Day laptop deals is available for the HP Pavilion x360 Convertible touchscreen laptop. This laptop was designed to adapt to your needs enabling productivity from literally any angle. It features four different modes so you can find exactly the right angle for every task, giving you maximum comfort and total control of your experience. It’s powered by an 11th-gen Intel i5 processor and 8GB of memory, so it’s incredibly fast and powerful for such a sleek machine. Best of all, it has 256GB of SSD storage (though you can customize up to a 1TB SSD for an additional price) so you can take all of your media and projects with you everywhere you travel. With a 15.6-inch diagonal HD display, this laptop is exactly the one you need for streaming your favorite content in addition to getting all of your work turned in on time. Don’t miss out on this sweet HP laptop Labor Day sale.

IdeaPad Flex 5i 16 — $750, was $1,110

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i lies on a brick floor.
Mark Coppock/Digital Trends

If you’re looking for something that has a more traditional 2-in-1 feel to it, the Flex 5i 16 does a slightly better job than the IdeaPad Flex 5i 14, which is still a relatively good laptop. With a 16-inch screen, the large size means you have more space to work with while also fitting some better specs under the hood in the form of the 12th-gen Intel i7-1255U, a mid- to high-tier CPU that should be able to handle the tasks of most users. As for the RAM, 8GB is the minimum we’d expect for the price point, and it can handle having a few apps and browsers open at the same time without an issue. Of course, the biggest selling point is the pen experience, which really elevates the Flexi 51 16 into a well-thought-out work device.

New XPS 13 laptop — $849, was $999

The new Dell XPS 13 is viewed from the top down showing off the keyboard and trackpad.

The newest XPS in Dell’s lineup is freakishly thin, coming in at just 0.55 inch in height, making it possibly one of the thinnest and easiest to carry laptops that you can buy right now, at least on a budget. What’s more impressive, though, is that it’s managed to fit a 12th-gen Intel i5-1230U CPU in it, a powerful mid-tier piece of hardware that we love to see on smaller laptops like this that may not immediately seem powerful. Besides that, the 13.4-inch screen can hit a whopping 500 nits of peak brightness, which means you can easily use it outside in the daylight without any issues. Internal storage is also great at 512GB, and the 8GB of RAM should be more than enough for most folks to work with. That being said, there are quite a few great Dell XPS deals for you to look through if you want more options.

ThinkPad T14s Gen 2 — $1,079, was $2,699

Lenovo ThinkPad T14s on a white background.

While 16-inch laptops are great, they might be a bit too much for some folk, which is where the ThinkPad T14s Gen 2 comes in with its 14-inch screen, making it a bit more compact and easier to carry around, and the 300-nit peak brightness is just at the point where you could potentially use it outside in a shaded area. In terms of overall power, it’s surprisingly punchy with an 11th-gen Intel i5-1135G7, a nice mid-tier CPU that will fit most academic and business use reasonably well. That said, what really makes it stand out is the 16GB of RAM, which is great for those whose desktop is full of open apps, documents, and browsers, and where that extra RAM can come in handy. It also has an impressive battery life, which isn’t surprising given Lenovo’s business line of laptops generally tends to do well in that regard.

Dell XPS 15 — $1,499, was $1,899

The Dell XPS 15 Touch Laptop placed on a desk next to a monitor and other study accessories.

The list of the best Labor Day laptop deals notably includes the new Dell XPS 15 laptop. While this machine still costs a pretty penny even with the sale price, it’s still an incredible deal on this insanely powerful machine. The Dell XPS 15 comes with a 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM, making it fast and powerful. With a 512GB hard drive, it’s ready for all of your pictures and music, and the 15.6-inch Full HD display is just waiting for you to start streaming your favorite content. It’s 16:10, four-sided Infinity Edge display has 100% Adobe RGB color, meaning that everything you create on this machine is more vibrant than ever and as expansive as your imagination. You can log on to this laptop instantly thanks to its built-in lid sensor that powers up the machine in less than a second, as well as via facial recognition and a fingerprint reader. This laptop from Dell is top of the line, but if you miss this Labor Day deal, you’ll be stuck paying full price.

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