Report: New miniLED MacBook Pros outsell all OLED laptops combined

Report: New miniLED MacBook Pros outsell all OLED laptops combined

A new report by Display Supply Chain Consultants shows Apple led the advanced notebooks market during Q4 2021 with a 54% share thanks to the new MacBook Pro with miniLED display. Not only that, but the company sold more of these Macs than all OLED laptops combined.

Q4’21 was a record quarter for Advanced Notebook displays rising 298% Q/Q and 1717% Y/Y to 4.8M panels. On an annual basis, 2021 was up 629% Y/Y to 8.2M panels. 2021 was 10% higher than predicted as both Apple’s MiniLED MacBook Pro’s and OLEDs outperformed in Q4’21. MiniLEDs surged to a 54% share in Q4’21 and earned a 32% share for the year on Apple’s successful launch of its 14.2” and 16.2” MacBook Pro’s. Apple surprised its competition with the 120Hz implementation with no OLED notebooks yet available at 120Hz. 2021 MiniLED results ended up being 30% above our forecast despite supply chain constraints as Apple and its partners worked through these issues better than expected.


In Q4’21, 14.2” miniLED led with a 28% share, followed by 16.2” miniLED at 26% and 14” OLED with a 17% share. For Q1 2022, DSCC expects that the advanced notebook market will rise 126% year over year to 18.5M units, splitting 50% for miniLED and 50% for OLED.

According to the report, Apple is expected to lead this category with the MacBook Pro from Q4’21 to Q4’22, with at least a 40% share on a unit basis and a 56% share on a revenue basis each quarter.

For manufacturers, it seems miniLED LCDs also have a significant cost reduction opportunity. That said, rumors about more miniLED products by Apple this year are controversial. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo doesn’t think the company will launch more miniLED products in 2021 while DSCC’s Ross Young says Apple has a new miniLED monitor to unveil rather sooner than later. 9to5Mac can confirm Apple is also working on a new professional display.

Apple released the MacBook Pro with a miniLED display in October after its Unleashed event. So far, reviewers have praised these laptops for their power while also bringing back function keys and more ports to the Mac.

You can read the full DSCC report here.

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