Galaxy A74’s cancellation could be one of Samsung’s best decisions in 2023

Galaxy A74’s cancellation could be one of Samsung’s best decisions in 2023

A few years back, the mainstream Samsung Galaxy A flagships were the Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, and Galaxy A7. We then got devices like the Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A9, and since 2019, Samsung’s main mid-range offerings have been Galaxy A5x and Galaxy 7x smartphones.

And before 2022, the Galaxy A5x and Galaxy A7x smartphones had some meaningful differences. The latter came with bigger screens, bigger batteries, better cameras, and faster processors. Basically, the existence of devices like the Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A71 had a purpose.

Things changed soon enough, though. The Galaxy A72 had a bigger screen and battery, and it came equipped with a zoom camera akin to the one you find on Samsung’s Galaxy S23 and S23+ and the company’s Galaxy S FE phones. But Samsung decided to use the same processor (the Snapdragon 720G) in both the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72, instantly decreasing its value proposition when you considered its price.

And in 2022, everything fell apart. The Galaxy A73 has a faster processor than the A53, a bigger screen, and a higher-resolution main camera, but Samsung decided to use the same battery capacity across the Galaxy A53 and A73 and also got rid of the 3x zoom camera that was introduced with the Galaxy A72.

Galaxy A7x smartphones are becoming redundant, and they will not be missed

Naturally, that means we expect the Galaxy A74 to be an even worse proposition. However, recent rumors suggest Samsung understands that now and has cancelled the Galaxy A74. And in my opinion, that’s a great move. If we are to follow the trends Samsung set with the A74’s predecessors, the A74 has extremely little chance to be successful or enticing in any way that matters.

That is in addition to the fact that the Galaxy A73 is priced dangerously close to the Galaxy S21 FE in many markets, and an increase in the pricing for the Galaxy A74 will further ruin the attraction of the phone and make everyone question its place in Samsung’s ever-expanding smartphone lineup.

A Galaxy A34 and a Galaxy A54 are more than enough in my opinion. And if the rumors are true, it looks like Samsung has taken the hint and is axing the Galaxy A74 because its existence does not make any sense. Samsung has always had issues streamlining and uncluttering its smartphone offerings, and hopefully the company’s cancellation of the Galaxy A7x line, at least in 2023, is a step towards making those issues go away.

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