Video involving cat and laptop is amusing. People find it relatable too | Trending

Video involving cat and laptop is amusing. People find it relatable too | Trending

The video involving a cat and a laptop was posted on Instagram.

Internet is filled with various kinds of cat videos. While some of those videos may leave you laughing out loud, other may make you saw aww. Then there are also those videos which besides being adorable or funny also turn out to be absolutely relatable. Just like this clip that showcases a cat scratching a laptop screen using its paws. What has created a buzz is how many people commented that they related to the video.

The video was originally posted by an Instagram user named Monika Oliver. It, however, captured people’s attention after being re-shared on another Insta page. “So many emails so little time!” they wrote while posting the video.

The clip opens to show a laptop kept on a table and a cat is sitting in front of it. The kitty is seen scratching the screen with its front paws. It is the speed with which the cat is moving its paws which has now prompted people to say that the video is relatable. They are also sharing the situations in which they think they will act like the cat.

Take a look at the video:

The video has been shared a day ago. The clip, since being posted, has gathered more than 65,000 views and counting. The share has also prompted people to post various comments.

“Don’t worry I’m from tech support,” joked an Instagram user. “When you search for that one specific photo from 2014 in your 6000 photo gallery,” shared another. “This was me going through emails last week,” expressed a third. “When testing goes wrong,” commented a fourth. “Is there anyone here who like it as much as I do?” wrote a fifth.

What are your thoughts on the video?

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