Top 5 Best Study Apps in your Smartphone

Top 5 Best Study Apps in your Smartphone

Studying could be a bore, especially when you have a mountain load of topics to cover. While this is necessary, you should not let the stress wear you out, as it could be fun too. Everything is going digital, including the education industry. There are now study apps for students to aid learning. 

These special mobile software tools have become a lifesaver for the average college student and could assist you too. Whether you’re doing the traditional learning style of a four-walled classroom setting, or an online program, it could be a handful. 

While some are free, others require a subscription. However, the quality of the content is more important, which is why we have researched and listed five of the best learning tools you should have on your mobile device.

My Study Life

First, this impressive app is free of charge and is available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Some students prefer to use the web version, which is also great. This app has different features, including a section to store information about homework, upcoming classes, and exams. The best thing, everything is stored on the cloud and can be accessed on any internet-connected device you get access to. 

Other unique features of the My Study Life app is it has an offline mode, task reminders, and synchronising abilities. Its popularity is due to its free offer, giving scholars on a budget real value. 


Next on the list is Grammarly. As you know, part of school activities, including writing essays, is part of the curriculum. Hence, the need for a study app that provides proofreading services. Grammarly is trusted by many students due to its unique functionalities that help to check errors in spelling, punctuation, and sentence issues.

Many students do not enjoy writing as much, even when they are given class works or assignments on it. This is where a professional can come in to take away the burden. If you’ve ever wondered, who would write my assignment? You’re not alone. Many students have had to seek external help, which allows them to concentrate on other important aspects of learning. 

Like several study apps, Grammarly can be used on Android, Apple, desktops, and tablets. One of the special effects is it is available as a plugin for Chrome, Microsoft Word, and mobile keyboards. Hence, it is easier to get writing assistance, whether on your smartphone or desktop computer. 

In addition to being a proofreading app, Grammarly also has a plagiarism checker feature. If you’re looking to make your research thesis or paper look genuine and free of grammar errors, check out this study app. However, the app is not totally free, as a premium subscription is required to access significant services. 


Another popular software high school, university, and college students use is the Evernote app. Like My Study Life, it is free to use and helps to organise your workload into different sections. This productivity app is one of the reasons why several scholars look organised and can plan their work schedules. 

Its features include note-taking in various forms, like audio and video recording, text, and sketching. All data is stored on the cloud, allowing you to get access to your documents from wherever you are or whatever device you’re handling. 

Millions of scholars globally rely on this useful piece of software to aid them through school. Currently, Evernote has become one of the best resources for student success in college, with huge downloads on different app stores. The glowing positive reviews on different platforms are why you should consider this as an important tool. 

Evernote study app is perfect for key points noting, planning, and exam preparations. Whether on Android, iPhone, iPad, or tablets, its super functionality and optimisation allow it to adjust to all screen sizes. However, it is not available for PCs yet. We believe the mobile setup may be adequate. Hence, no calls for the desktop version. 

iStudiez Pro

This is another impressive planner for your learning plan. As a plus, it is available on Macbooks, Windows PC, and smartphones’ Operating Systems. The top features include colour-code tasking for easy scheduling, assignment tracking, and task reminders. It’s possible to pin any pending upcoming classwork as essential, and the vibrant notifications can help you put in on repeat. 

Another helpful trick of this app is the easy synchronisation with Google calendar. It is possible to add documents here which can be viewed later on. Although it has a free version, most of the top offers on the app require a monthly subscription renewal. With the payment, students can link all documents with the cloud, allowing them to access them from anywhere and on a device. 


Many serious scholars make use of the WolframAlpha study app. Designed chiefly for science students, this app has various functions to assist learning. Among the multiple offers available include statistical formulas, analysis of data, astronomy, physics, measurement units, engineering, geography, weather, chemistry, etc. 

It’s proof that you no longer need to learn everything by heart again, especially those radical formulas. All you need to do is post a question, which will either show how to get the solution or answer it directly. 

In addition, the WolframAlpha app has additional programs with separate courses on teaching maths and guides to different references. If you’re a science major, this app is worth having and has a free version too. However, you’d have to make a subscription to enjoy the full package. 

To Review

There are several study apps available on the internet currently. Each of them has a particular function to aid learning and understanding. However, this is our list of the top 5 best apps on your smartphone has been rated high after several surveys. Their multi-functional use across high school and college students is one of the crucial reasons they have made a list.

In addition, they all have free versions. While some do not require a subscription altogether, others may need you to pay to get additional services. We believe the My Study Life app is a must-have for every student. Besides the fact that it is completely free, everything can be backed to the cloud. So, you don’t need to worry if your smartphone gets stolen or you change it to a new one.