CIT researchers awarded at conference for research into health monitoring smartphone apps

Proposed user-centric system diagram from “Understanding user concerns and choice of app architectures in designing Audio-based mHealth Apps” research by Sudip Vhaduri and Siva Sahitya Simhadri

Researchers from the mobile and wearable artificial intelligence (mAI) Lab received the best paper runner-up award at the IEEE/ACM international conference on Connected Health: Applications, Systems and Engineering Technologies (CHASE) conference. The lab is directed by Sudip Vhaduri, assistant professor of data analytics and machine learning in Purdue Polytechnic’s Department of Computer and Information Technology.

Sudip VhaduriVhaduri and Siva Sahitya Simhadri, a graduate research assistant, presented “Understanding User Concerns and Choice of App Architectures in Designing Audio-based mHealth Apps” at the CHASE conference last month.

In the paper, Vhaduri and Simhadri examine users’ major concerns about audio-based health monitoring smartphone apps