Here is why mobile phones are not much fun as before

Here is why mobile phones are not much fun as before

In an interesting conversation with a fan, Oppo’s Chief Product Officer reveals why smartphones are becoming less interesting. The netizen asked, “Why do I feel that mobile phones are not as fun as they used to be? In the past, mobile phones had many shapes and distinctive features, but now they feel the same”. According to Liu Zuohu, in the past, mobile phone application scenarios were “single”. At the time, mobile phones were basically for calling and sending text messages. Also, the smartphone ecosystem at that time was also very weak. Thus, the form and hardware became the focus of users’ attention.

Mobile phones have greatly evolved

In today’s smartphones, application ecology is the key. When users use mobile phones, they actually use various APPs in their own life circles. The innovative ideas and ideas of various manufacturers are also based on these application scenarios. How to make the homogeneous application combination more useful in their own products and product ecology is the key to the current competition. Mr Liu concludes that what users call fun is software but it’s still very interesting to make the product itself. From Liu Zuohu’s words, we can see that excellent hardware + good software ecological experience is the key to “fun”.

Oppo is one of the few brands that tries to bring interesting devices to the market. Oppo’s next-generation foldable smartphone, Oppo Find N2 will bring new breakthroughs in software ecology. With its flagship hardware configuration, it should be able to achieve the “fun experience”.

As early as the Oppo Find N, ColorOS has made some innovative interactions. For example, in APP split-screen browsing, in Oppo Find N, when opening some e-commerce APPs, split-screen browsing is automatically active, half of the screen can be used to display product list and the other half for details of the product.